About Us

The company founded in Pakistan in Year 2001 for the best source of Agriculture Farm Machinery & Tractors providers to
Farmers, Governments, Farm Houses, Farming Projects, NGS and other commercial professional Companies.
The company support their needs with bulk supplies, after sales services, warranties, OEM spare parts, knowledge transfer,
crop solutions for all the models of Tractors and their standard attachments.

The company also hold the international distribution of the Agriculture Equipments manufactured by AGRIPAK in Pakistan.
These Equipments are best options towards farmers under their needs of Land Development, Soil preparation,
Planting, Seeding, Digging, Spraying, Cutting, Reaping, Mowing, Slashing, Threshing, Shelling, Fertilizing, and Material Handling or
Haulage purposes. Complete solution under one roof.

Being a part of the family group, the company stands unique with its quick replies, and bulk supplies.

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